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Vladimir Vysotsky

Song of the traveller on an official journey

There is only one motive
With the ship
Comes a letter of credit -
Of twenty two roubles
And live another two weeks,
Work - for eight years, -
But I shall give proof
Of the frugality of an ascet.
She, in chararge for the etage
Had promised me for days
To let me into the hotel
Very quietly on my hands.
In the dining-room number two
Always stands a kefir,
And my head is full of thoughts,
And everything - about the hereafter.
I invited her into a cafe, -
O dear me, no romance, -
I ate and took to flight,
As if for the toilet.
All the beaches are full
With charming widows, -
Ashamed to take off the trousers:
However I'm here in the cold.
Oh damn Athon! -
I am in love like a plant-louse, -
I take the last funds-
All the twenty two roubles.
Charming, slim girls
All the money is spent on the passage
Probably, she
Today however will spend money on food.
Refrain: ................. a skeleton!
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"Near the city Peking ..."

Near the city Peking
Go-stroll about 'chunveibine'*,
And old paintings
Seeking-running about the chunveibini -
But not because the chunveibine
Love statues, pictures:
Instead statues will be urns
In the 'Cultural revolution'.
And yet, mainly, I know full well,
How to pronounce it, -
But it is extremely indecent
I have it on the tip of my tongue:
Chuuu...nveibini - that's very indecemt.
Here concocted some fun
Their leader comrade Mao:
Children, don't go to school -
Come and beat the revolt!
And not that the kids
Where in infancy at all, -
These children hacked
At lot of cutlets!
And yet, mainly, I know full well,
How to pronounce it, -
But it is extemely indecent
I have it on the tip of my tongue:
Chuu...nveibini ...
We sat around a bit,
And now we play at hooligans -
I's slightly silent all the same.
to be continued
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Indian summer

The maple trees have painted the town
In their lights it seems like bewitched.
That means, it is soon
Indian summer, Indian summer.
That the leaves disappear so quickly -
I cannot comprehend ...
And these leaves I'll catch as,
Our coming together, our coming together.
And I'll recklessly twist round my little finger
The most careless of women.
And long I've looked for such a one -
And neither more nor less.
Yes only mamma is scolding here,
That I'm not at home in the nights
And that I am drunk too often
In the Indian summer, in the Indian summer.
And I forgot when I've been home,
Muddle up nights and dawns ...
There is a turbulence, there is a turbulence -
Indian summer, Indian summer.
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"Long ago I have realized: We cannot live ..."

Long ago I have realized: We cannot live together,
And that you have left - everything is correct, I swear, -
And for the good wishes for the holidays - I thank you,
And for the greetings I am also not angry.
And unnecessarily cares though you write - the husband, but,
As apparent he doesn' spoil you with pennis, -
Thus I say concerning apples - one does not need them,
But tobacco and vodka is well.
You don't write me about birch-trees, willows -
For Christ's sake, when not at once I'm somnolent, -
However here grow such cedars, Masha,
That I'm not at all missing the pines.
You write to me about the film 'Doroga' in the cinema
And that there were thousands of people at the ticket-office, -
But you must know that here are many people too
And that cinemas happen to be in our country.
Now generally I agree - the supervisor is angry,
And I stop the best wishes and keep well!
Your former husband, you former blood-sucker
... And you know, Masha, you know, - come!
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"How many fallen soldiers lying..."

Versions: #2
How many fallen soldiers lying along the roads-
Who counted, who will!..
It's reported in the bulletins of *Informbureau
Only about how many of the enemy killed.
But don't think, that we got away without losing personal-
Just like that, just like that, someone is a liar...
You see, in the field, frozen like shot animal,
Crippled tank all on fire!
Where are you, Valya Petrov?- What a silly question of course:
With your tank you have closed a breach at the front.
Well, in the bulletins we will read: the enemy suffered a loss,
Well, and we are back where we started from.
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"Raise you hands ..."

Raise your hands,
and put into the urn
The ballot even not having read it, -
Die out of boredom!
Only, stop, don't count me in:
I don't sympathise with your statutes!
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She was as pure as snow in winter

She was as pure as snow in winter.
In the filth - the sables - run on it by right.
But then her letter burns my hands -
I learn the tormenting truth ...
I didn't know: that humility is only a mask
And the masquerade ends now, -
Yes, this time I endured a fiasco -
Hoping, that was the last time.
I thought: My days are counted,
That bad blood had entered my veins, -
I crushed the letter like the head of a snake -
And through my fingers trickled the poison of unfaithfulness.
I won't know about suffering and agony, -
The oncoming wind will wipe away my tears,
Insult will not catch up with my horses,
The blizzard will not cover my tracks.
Hence, I leave behind me,
Under this gray unsightly sky,
The odour of violets, the nakedness of carnations
And tears in a jumble with thawing snow.
Moscow don't believe neither tears nor a drop of tear,
I don't intend sobbing any more, -
I hurry towards new duels -
And, like always, intend to win!
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Steam-bath in black

Agreed, collect your unreasonable thoughts!
Abgreed, heat the steam-bath in black!
Anyhow, you'll ruin me, but wail! ...
Only the steam-bath for me, how you like, heat it.
Alas, today I shall clean myself,
Alas, accustom!
But I doubt,
that I'll clean myself! ...
Don't sleep!
Where is the shirt that reaches to the belt?
Oh, today I shall wash it till it is white!
Sprinkle the sooty walls in the steam-bath.
Listen? Heat the steam bath black for me!
Alas, today I shall clean myself,
Alas, accustom!
But I doubt,
That I'll clean myself! ...
Hunted into the corner by drink like an elk by a hound.
Be silent, -
My hangover is long over!
Endure! -
You have betrayed me out of stupidity!
So that I were as clean as a puppy at the end of day.
Alas, today I shall clean myself,
Alas, accustom!
But I doubt,
That I'll clean myself! ...
At least one of the guardians buy.
Listen! Heat the steam-bath for me early!
Anyhow, you'll ruin me, but wail.
Only the steam-bath for me, how you like, heat it.
Alas, today I shall clean myself,
Alas, accustom!
But I doubt,
That I'll clean myself!
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Chopkinson's lullaby

Sleep my child! My baby, bye-bye!
Accumulate much strength!
Do you want to sleep? Rest,
Keep smiling - and sleep!
The lullaby softens
The strange racket.
May you dream in your sleep,
That the whole world is asleep.
The world is below and you are above it
In the sweet sleep you float:
There is Moscow, the ancient Rome
And the nightly Paris.
And with you in unison
The voices sing, -
Indeed, it's only a dream,
But sleeping - you are growing.
Maybe, everything maybe:
You'll some time
In reality recapitulate
This path.
You'll fly over the earth
Above roofs and treetops, -
Until now you're sleeping deeply -
Look your dream to the end.
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"Marinka, listen, dear Marinka ..."

Marinka, listen, dear Marinka,
You, the most near to me and my better half, -
If however torn apart, then - one to hundred -
A second won't achieve that.
Marinka, listen, dear Marinka,
You are lovely like a picture of a kid
Who will now answer - what will be then?
You, only you, you can - and nodody else!
Marinka, listen, dear Marinka,
Far away like a fairy-tale from Meterlinka
You are my blue bird afar, -
Only it's a pity - they found her in the paradise!
Marinka, listen, dear Marinka,
Mysterious like the dwelling of the Inka,
Come with me! Let's go somewhere, -
I don't mind where to, but we'll find it.
The poet - and the word don't get older -
It's said: 'Russia, Leta, Lorelei', -
Russia - you and Leta, where the dreams are
But there is no Lorelei. You - that is you.