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The sweet honey of the night, a back alley at three A.M.
With brandy still in my system, I’ll choose who to go off with
That girl’d be nice, but so would this one and that one
She’d follow me drunkenly, walking in zig-zag steps
I could easily relieve some stress by hooking up with her
—so says the one with the small paycheck
I buy my spring without hesitation
and simply laugh at the ordinary people I send flying into a rage
Please, envelop me completely
Bonita*, let’s play around as we go
Bonita, let’s stay quiet
Bonita, I love everything about you
Hey, Bonita, tonight too, you smile at,
Bonita, these tactless customers,
hospitable even if you’re boiling with rage
So watch your step and keep an eye out for madmen
“Saying ‘because it’s impossible to try and live as a normal person,’
what would your parents say if they saw you now?”
Don’t talk bullshit like that
What’s with that? So what?
It’s not going to pay me anything
In any case, using men’s nature to want young girls’ flowers—
I’m making a fortune, a fortune
Bonita, men in vain suits
Bonita, or thick-headed nerds
Bonita, once you peel their masks off, they’re all the same
Hey, Bonita, the Moby Dick of**
Bonita, these customers
looks up from their underlying motives
Stop it with the pointless dirty jokes
Bonita, you play your deranged believers
Bonita, like a koto string ringing out***
Bonita, even if they were to touch you, it’d be the same in the end
Hey, Bonita, putting up a bluff as I grab your wrist
Bonita, you’re full of energy tonight too
Playing this childish game for adults
Lighting fire to a cigarette and a pregnancy
If I manage to get you to open up even once, it’d taste of honey
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Words, Words, Words

There’s no time to be all surprised,
I let this singing voice become an automatic response*
It was shrill, but I heard it for a moment
So, with the last traces of my resolution to erase suffering,
see, I destroyed my own mental state
and carried around these hundreds of millions of melodies with me
That’s how I got where I am today
For example, even if I look up at a redder-than-blood moon one night
Simply extending a hand won’t be enough–I can’t fly, can’t fly
It’s pointless to cry and I’ll lose if I run away
I’m soaked in lukewarm water
So what on earth should I do with what remains of my life?
You’re strange, cruel, ill-intentioned, and
hiding your superstitions–hey, wait a minute
You’re keeping quiet so none of that will be revealed, huh?
Ooh, baby
Just before we went our separate ways as students in the schoolhouse,
I suddenly remembered the words and love you left me
Look, see, let’s take off even if there’s no one waiting on the other side
Even if the rain falls with a splash
Yes, I’ll still be busy in the middle of the night
Writing out my self-hatred in cramped letters
Surely, this world is sweet and salty and
painful and kind, so
this is fine, right? Just until
you understand
There’s no time to be all shocked,
my heart began to shake, roaring off-beat
Without pause, those three figures
get caught up in poisonous uneasiness and illusions
It won’t stop even if you say you hate it
I can’t stand that honeyed superiority complex
So I’m always up late making plans
Climb back up every time you fall
That’s the slogan I repeat to myself every day, every night
At the top-class height of my youth
This music won’t stop ringing in my ears
Trying to be beautiful and attractive, to think with your head, and
to have a strong computational intelligence–hey, wait a minute!
Surely you realize it’s impossible for you to be all of that, right?
Ooh, baby
On this delusional stage where our circumstances come into conflict,
rather than the nobility of my youth,
it was the words you yelled that won me over
Look, see, let’s head for the other side of my heart
The roar continues in this destined festival
I still don’t believe in
pointless pain or sadness
Even if you shout with all your strength, “Go somewhere far, far away!”
I won’t be able to go anywhere, but
keep singing out these words of mine
for the audience’s sake
Getting terribly lost and confused,
even if you grieve it, today will continue on
I was terribly mad, but I stayed silent
That’s how I ran away today, too
I’ve slowly come to understand, but I only just realized
the reason you cried in those days
Even still, in order to tie those unflinching words together…
To that youth which is nearly burned onto me, once more,
You’re a genius, the best, and a remarkable student
with a remarkable mind and theories–hey, wait a minute!
You’re just taking all of that on and laughing, huh?
Ooh, baby
The science of the way wounds accumulate on this body begins to reveal itself
The thing I wish for the most is still, still
the one thing I hold onto in the midst of this uncertainty
Look, see, let’s take off while avoiding the eyes of others
I hate dressing myself up and putting on airs
So let’s do it with the same feelings we had as children**
How long am I going to keep saying things like that?
This aspiration of mine is so beautiful that it could almost be called pining
Though there’s no God or Buddha
Yes, even still this world is absolutely wonderful
You get it, don’t you? Hey, hey, hey
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Even if you’re told over and over that “you’re not alone,”
will you ever be satisfied?
Even that habit of hiding those torn-up wrists of yours,
hey, do you think that’s gonna make you look cool?
Ah, why is it that you can
say such terrible things with a straight face?
Wearing the face of a victim or something
suits you well
I hate that pretentious attitude of yours
It’s annoying to even look at you
Hey, even if you go crazy, even if you let yourself fall, even if you hang your head
Even still, I’m not gonna love you, so
I hope that people treat you bad and take what you love, and that you‘ll lose it all
while crying about those injuries that’ll never fade away
Basically, don’t misunderstand that
“this wonderful present will continue forever,”
turning loneliness into some kind of scoring system
You’re unbeatable at that alone
Ah, like a yarn-selling girl
killing people with gentle eyes
without pain or shedding a single tear how absolutely cruel
I hate that big-headed attitude of yours
Acting all weak while holding your head high
Hey, even the boring trash that you surround yourself with
I won’t let any of you go, so
when the time runs out on those glass slippers of yours,
I’ll drop all of you into the depths of hell
Ah, today too, your words
swallow up more people, and the number of idiots increases
All your acting like a hypocrite and deceiving others
is gonna be the end of you
I hate that pretentious attitude of yours
It’s annoying to even look at you
Hey, show me another one of your tragic fabrications
like, “I love you more than anyone else in the world”
Even if you shout out stuff like that,
the whole world hates you
Now, let’s bring an end to that false innocence of yours tonight too
There won’t be anything left tomorrow, so
I’ll engrave into your eyes this time today
to which we’ll never be able to return
and hold you close
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It’s too late for me to say a thing, but
I really can’t stand that attitude of yours
Attentive, a good listener,
keeping secrets is your specialty
And on top of that, even with strange people,
you’re able to mimic them skillfully
Like a walking guide on how to live a saintly life
without letting a single complaint or grievance leak out
Anyone and everyone might
become you guys’ ally, but
even still, I won’t forgive you
I won’t accept you
Let’s go while avoiding the eyes of others
Telling nothing but death to everyone
Jealously, let’s run
Children turning to fighters in an instant
I don’t necessarily think I’m pure, but
when you’re called “pure” it makes me want to vomit
But the eyes of society are clear
when I think about it too hard, night starts to fall
Theories, logic, clichés,
even firm reasoning
in front of me, they become completely useless
I can’t hear them
Kill off all the meaning in it
Go as crazy as you like
I’ll keep on singing this curse
Running down your cheeks
Getting drunk on all your big talk
In the end, you’re an individualist too
Living on without a single enemy
was impossible for someone like you anyway
Living on without a single enemy
was impossible for someone like you anyway
Let’s go while avoiding the eyes of others
Telling nothing but death to everyone
Jealously, let’s run
Children turning to fighters in an instant