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Над Тешней занимается заря

Почему идут чередой мои дни как жемчужины,
Как жемчужины;
Ведь в конце моего пути стоишь только ты,
Стоишь только ты.
Не мешай сердцу - пусть говорит,
Не мешай, пусть душа отдохнёт.
Над Тешней занимается заря,
Наша любовь будет вечной.
Над Тешней солнце светит,
Радуюсь солнцу и я.
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For six minutes, the dream disappears...
Water and shadow from her hands -
Sad and crazy!
Crooked dance of her desires –
The last step into the ocean ...
Distant and freewheeling!
I've seen the fire on the lips of sky,
Inflamed in my dreams - misleading captivity!
My fault is in my wings! My wings!
It will fall, burn out - she doesn't care!
Hurt will ease - and throw the window!
Loving and free!

Turn Your World Into The Light

What is missing you is a friend
Who is guessing thoughts and who stays with you
And who knows without words that you have pain
Who knows a solution that he also tells you
What also is missing you is time for yourself
Someone who is giving you what you get nowhere
You want a new life a new face
And remember how you forget fast
Turn your world into the light
Too less is no plan
What counts in life
Is that what you can do long time
Don't lose the faith!
Make a new plan!
Try to look to the horizon!
The cold headwind you don't ordered
You always have to stand up for so less money
The end result is really lousy
But there is a thing that you always forget
Everything what's missing for you isn't who or what you are
Rich is the someone who don't is missing
What wasn't don't have to be here
Change your view and just look forward!
Turn your world into the light
Too less is no plan
What counts in life
Is that what you can do long time
Don't lose the faith!
Make a new plan!
Try to look to the horizon!
Come we two send away the heavy things
And don't stand ourself in our way
Exchange Drama with Romance
Look in the light look forward
Make an inventory of all the luck!
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Peyote Healing

Father help me I want to live
Father help me I want to live
Father help me I want to live
Father you have done this
Humbly have pity on me
Father help me I want to live
Father help me I want to live
Father I want to live

Like in Sovet Movie

(Dialogue from the movie 'Kalina Krasnaya' (Red Viburnum))
-So, how long did you spend?(1)
-Last time, hm, I spend five years.
-Well, you're an accountant with such hands? I don't believe.
-I've trained them there, you know, sewed-sewed the slippers.
-With such hands only broke the locks, not to saw the slippers
-Well, you say.
Let's invent final like in sovet movie,
So everyone wanna cry, but it'll funny
Mother cries: 'Son!' and huggs
And titles stagger little bit
Joy is a man, man has a tip
I'm a whiz, I think like father think the same
Ranks is not enough for me, I need your honor
I'll looking for it till the end, where it is
So I'm a guy of old hardening
In a new fitted suit
After all, we dreamed to became like Gagarin
Yura, we all have fucked up
Well we from different countries, after all:
Ukraine, Azerbaijan,
But when we watch Russia vs Canada hockey,
We cheer for ours, guys
Keep those who are close
And bury those who are near, near
To live better than all - I don't need it
To live as an injection: it hurts, but it is necessary
Let's imagine life like in sovet movie
So all for one and one for all like wall
And when the loved ones with wet eyes
Let this joy be to all this guilt
I don't care, that I'm not became one, what needs
Even the palm's up on the first desks
If I go home, I'll not walk back
So hide, count to one hundred, guys
Guys has hide, so can't find them
And the sonorous laughter of childhood has calm down for a long time
And the walls of our apartments has soaked in the sadness
Driver, stop, let me go
I didn't measure my life - the meter can't be rewound
And I do not believe, like Moscow doesn't believe in tears,
That can return time, but I clearly know,
That wounds can't heal, no mater, how many would we licked them
And when my father spoke of caliber
I thought it was about a bird, because was naive
And finish, save, Lord
As in 'Flying in a dream and in reality' with Yankovsky
[Tipsy Type]
Crush on the pieces the island of the dream, they created monsters
'Kentos' tattooed sideways, now the tongue is sharp
Moscow doesn't believe in tears - it is, and hell with it, with Oscar
We are waiting for you on a post-Soviet stage, bosses
Here the bare namesake draft of coke dose for fifty
Brothers funny, run a splinter in your nose
Don't touch the diller, for the scout is hard to ask
He 'Call back' request will reset in case of what
And there'll not be enough for you, through those who are in the New Year
Spread pate from sprat on bread watching Ryazanov's movie
Did not know neither the singing Liverpool nor the dirty New York
Then all over again. 'Where's the granny?' - I'm for her
Strong phrase lives, weak immediately rotting
The country of contrasts is not honey, but ice in the bosom
The cloudy year was issued and what is waiting for there
There is no color screen. Like May honey
A warm plaid lulled slowly,no need a pill to do this
Flashlights throw light on scraps of objects, rarely
It's temporary, at the end everything will be like in Soviet movie
Usual life in unusual with a wind blow
(Dialogue from the movie 'Kalina Krasnaya' (Red Viburnum))
-Egor, honey.
-Come on, Lyuba, come on, these are just the words. Words are worthless.
-Well, did you think up all this now, or what?..
-No, I did not. Only you listen to people less. Listen, but skip the words, otherwise you are very trusting. Have you ever been deceived?
-No, and who, Lord?
Tibor from QS-FB