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Эй, ты

Позиция соприкосновения,
Твои руки - наслаждение для обоих.
Экзотика, романтика,
Температура растёт до неба.
Я наполовину знаю, что у меня проблема,
Крошка, ты бы полюбила, но трудности - твоя система.
Эх, любимая, глупышка,
Цветок для тебя был уже сорван.
Эй, ты ! Добавила мне, крошка, в сердце.
Эй, ты ! Добавила своё испачканное имя.
Добрый вечер, - я приветствую тебя,
Если ты в чате, то игнорируешь звонки.
Экран светится, мобильник молчит.
И я тоскую, пью и 'гоню' патетику,
И сознаю, что у тебя - проблема.
Когда текут слёзы, я не смею касаться тебя.
Если ты обезумеешь, то не позволишь,
Дышишь на меня, а живёшь для Венеры.
Я дрожу, ты звонишь ме,
Ты спутала имена -
Меня с ней, её со мной, и это всё.
Верни время, тело;
Верни разбитое сердце.
Верни мне всё, что ты взяла у мнея.

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(equirhythmic, rhyming)

Lately For My Hon I Made

Lately for my hon I made
Price list for my services.
On the prices eyes he laid
And no longer covets me.
© St.Sol @ LT: all rights reserved.

Sunny side of the street

Your face quickly vanishes,
Behind the corner of my eye.
I'm unsure if I'll ever ..... you again
But I don't think about it,
It brings only pain.
Sunny side of the street,
Watching pretty girls,
It's sure sad to be alone
On such a pretty sunny day.
Many think I work,
I thought 'good one!'
Irritable nature, that's it,
Work makes me sick.
Crowd in a tram
Steps on my feet
Down because of job and struggle
Each of them worry only about themselves.

Pink.. Pink

Pink.. Pink
Life is coloured with pink
When you and I are together, my darling
Have you seen magic of love doing what to me? Have you seen?
A beautiful shiver is like a symphony
My heart goes mad n dances ballet.
Slowly.. Slowly..
Take me slowly..
Pink.. Pink... Life is pink!
The joy confuses my eyes.. I see only pink colour..pink..pink!
I was escaping from you
I was hesitated between yes and no
But, you came to me....you took me by force to the new happy world
Thank you darling.. You're right
Love and desire aren't by our will
Everyday we melt more and more..
Till we become pink angels..pink pink
Life is pink
A little house.. On isolated island.. You and I...
The grape grows and the sea's scent fills the space..
Dream or reality?
Who cares?!
As long we're together
We rely on Him
Kiss me...Close your eyes you'd see even the darkness pink..
Pink..pink....life's pink as long we are together, my darling.


In a grey and white suit
there on the couch
there's a guy about 40
sipping a vodka,
a Gitane1 between his fingers,
looking nothing like a Casanova.
That's how he looks,
and I think I'm in love.
Love at first sight, I can't help it,
I get those even when I'd rather not.
And now my stilts trip over the carpet2
I end up sprawled at his feet
He helps me get up.
Now why am I
shaking like that?
He lifts his blue eyes toward me.
'What's up doll, something wrong?'
And I start blabbering all kinds of nonsense.
He says 'your mouth is quite the piece of work,
you're formidable, and that's for sure'
Without further ado, that's the done thing, I ask for his hand.
He doesn't appreciate
this disarray.
This is awkward.
What a blunder.
So typical of me,
I'm always causing scandals.
I understand all this,
but I have no time to for this.
I want him now.
Now and always.
One of his buddies comes around
and the story gets complicated,
because he talks about a certain Juliette I have no clue about.
It seems she can't stand it anymore,
she's had enough of all the disappointment
and she'll jump out the window if he goes on like this.
He tells me he loves her.
I think he doesn't care.
Anyway, I'm out of here, I quit.
I know this kind of guys
with their 'I'm here to stay no matter what' girls.
Mister doesn't give a damn
well, so do I
This is awkward.
What a blunder.
When you're too little
you shouldn't dream on
He stands there
He stands there in front of me
So I'm waiting
Now and all the time.
In a grey and white suit
there on the couch
there's a guy about 40
sipping a vodka,
a Gitane between his fingers,
looking nothing like a Casanova.
  • 1. iconic macho cigarette
  • 2. the sentence reads '[the guy] trips the carpet over my stilts'. I suppose the nonsense is meant to express the confusion of the girl, but I didn't dare translate it Regular smile
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