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Эй, ты

Позиция соприкосновения,
Твои руки - наслаждение для обоих.
Экзотика, романтика,
Температура растёт до неба.
Я наполовину знаю, что у меня проблема,
Крошка, ты бы полюбила, но трудности - твоя система.
Эх, любимая, глупышка,
Цветок для тебя был уже сорван.
Эй, ты ! Добавила мне, крошка, в сердце.
Эй, ты ! Добавила своё испачканное имя.
Добрый вечер, - я приветствую тебя,
Если ты в чате, то игнорируешь звонки.
Экран светится, мобильник молчит.
И я тоскую, пью и 'гоню' патетику,
И сознаю, что у тебя - проблема.
Когда текут слёзы, я не смею касаться тебя.
Если ты обезумеешь, то не позволишь,
Дышишь на меня, а живёшь для Венеры.
Я дрожу, ты звонишь ме,
Ты спутала имена -
Меня с ней, её со мной, и это всё.
Верни время, тело;
Верни разбитое сердце.
Верни мне всё, что ты взяла у мнея.

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Harbour of Silence

Heavily the waves break against the shore
The brittle stone defies them
I stand allone in the rain
No ship for months I spot
Seagulls on the horizon, they're calling
Full of longing and pain, it seems to me
By gaze dreamily trails off far away
Like thunder and storm it sounds to my ears
Fled from the confusions of cities
The worries of life lose their meaning
At the harbour long forgotten
The hours trickle away like the sand
The pebbles at the old shore
Ground by wind and salty sea
Seem like giant pearls
Here in my hand they weigh heavy
Sink in foamy crests
A vortex so strong, it drags them down
They lie forever forgotten
At the bottom of the sea in their eternal grave
Fled from the confusions of cities
The worries of life lose their meaning
At the harbour long forgotten
The hours trickle away like the sand
Often I make my rounds
At the loney beach, where once ships sailed
The people have long since gone
Their traces nowhere to be seen
Melancholy I go home
I turn around, I miss the sand
At the hearth I while my hours
Then I imagine I'm still at the beach
Fled from the confusions of cities
The worries of life lose their meaning
At the harbour long forgotten
The hours trickle away like the sand


В сутках только 24 часа,
И вдвое меньше твоих способов солгать мне, любовь моя.
В сутках только 24 часа,
И половину из них ты лежишь без сна, думая об убийствах и резне.
С кем поведёшься, от того и наберёшься,
Выбирай себе компанию с осторожностью.
В сутках только 24 часа,
И этого недостаточно, чтобы лгать так, как ты,
Или любить так, как ты.
В сутках только 24 часа,
И половину из них ты проводишь на простынях со мной,
Моя обманчивая любовь.
Всего 24 часа, и ты бы сказал,
Что большую часть времени ты расплачиваешься за все то, за что они платили тебе,
Любовь моя.
С кем поведёшься, от того и наберёшься,
Будь осторожен с теми, с кем расстаешься.
В сутках только 24 часа, и этого недостаточно,
Чтобы лгать так, как ты, или любить так, как ты.
Подари мне свое тепло,
Подари мне свои бриллианты.
Ты - король этой улицы
и моей извращенной страсти.
Ты считаешь до трёх,
Пока все они умирают.
До тебя тяжело достучатся,
Ты так холоден.

Because I am a Chulapona

I thought he wasn't coming.
You're late.
Did you all miss me? Did he come?
So, girl, he didn't come.
So, what are you going to do! It's better that he comes to see me.
You cannot take a step
in the streets of Madrid
without anyone entertaining to tell you something important,
that you care so much like this.
And what's bad is that after, when that someone sets you free,
You cannot take a step,
without hearing flies,
that one carries around.
That's what happens when you pass
by the streets of Madrid,
A woman who deserves
to have sidewalks with bouquets of jasmine flowers.
Passing the streets
of Calatrava,
A boorish man asked me:
'What a pony!'
And then I tell him
With much sarcasm,
For a pony, your mother,
is a coat hanger.
Long live the teacher!
A very good answer.
Wait a little,
As I am not finished. Because a guard came, who wanted to intervene;
But, first,
I told him:
Since I am a Chulapona
of the people of Madrid,
I am not frightened of cherries nor civilians,
So go ahead,
With your braids,
Unless you look for me, because my eyes
are two thieves.
The best day,
for an objection,
is flung into jail,
In the delegate.
Well, if they catch me,
The best day,
is when he takes me out,
Jose Maria.
The one who has a boyfriend can boast.
The one who has a man has a fortune!
Crossing the plaza
Of the Alamillo,
One of those who play,
the hand organs,
Yelled at me from afar: 'It will be a shame
that one pretty lady, so pretty, has no boyfriend.'
That's right, because it's the truth.
With what I heard,
I had to think.
And with so much force,
I remembered,
I felt like
yelling this to him:
I have a boyfriend and I like him more than my life.
And if it pleases you to ask me of it,
I tell you that he's worth millions,
And that he doesn't pierce hearts
that are happy.
And that I am chulapona of Madrid!
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The Nail on the Head

I was told '2T you should temper yourself'
You know how they are, if you catch one, you lose two
Shit, fucking fuck
I do things halfway because I'm afraid of wasting time
[Verse 1]
I was told to go for it, but even before that
I knew that if I moved forward I might get ahead of myself
I was told 'stay up because whoever lives will see'
I was told 'don't lie because very soon you will admit'
I quickly understood that you could live misunderstood
That our lives, yeah, are being compressed
We only talk about what we accomplish
I was told, 'Be careful, time goes by in a second
You might as well not dwell on everything you're told'
I was told, 'Wake up, they have to listen to you
Don't be disgusted because everything is expensive
And if you see someone for whom the stay is shortened
Don't be sad it'll happen to you in the short term.'
I was told, yeah, 'be proud of everything' (hey)
Paris is magic, and, Paris is magic, yeah
Paris is magic, Paris is magic
[Verse 2]
I was told 'make the crowds rise
But don't just target money girls
Because in real life, who cares?
These are the best things to drive you crazy' (yeah)
She told me, 'We're not meant to be together
To love me your heart will end up bleeding'
And everything burned down, everything ended in ashes
As I was told, love is sharp
I was told, 'No, there's no one beyond reproach
So even if they're your enemies, you have to love your neighbors'
I was told that the company had its rules
And that just for that I couldn't squeeze her
From what I hear, everyone has their dreams
Nah, nah, that's not true, everyone says the same thing
Today, we do what we want to do
We bring forth a being, or we make it disappear
We can do anything, after all, what are we worth? (nothing)
When I see what is coveted
They have the same expectations, they are waiting in the same line
If you judge what they judge, you do the same as they do
You don't have to run away, nah you have to get used to it
You have to keep your face in front of those who are crazy
Don't make mistakes in front of those who are deceitful
Tell the truth and everyone panics
You're not like everyone else, you're not in the crowd
I was told, 'Stop, you can see that no one respects these laws'
I was told, 'kid, rules are made to keep us away from them' (ah)
If at my table I see this world trying
That everything be fair, even if it means making quotas
We don't want to attack, we dread the hecatomb
We're equipped with bombs and knives
I don't understand why you're a hypocrite
You tell me you don't like her, you still smile at her
Why do they have to kill each other
Those who don't have the same cult
But who pray to the same god
I was told, 'Don't make your choices by 'must do' choices
Or in your life, you'll be double-crossed by fake brothers'
You see that everyone thinks the same thing, this
The same thing, do, the same thing, hey
But it's not the same cause, nah
Nah, nah not the same cause
No, I'm not the same as you
You weren't told the same thing I was told
No, not the same as me (nah nah, me)
I'm only going one way
For my ascension, no need for an elevator
Don't tell me it's insane
I've already been told, I'm insensitive (oh yeah)
I want to make some money without getting into the mold
I'm not like everyone else, I'm not running into the wall
I see that some people are fighting to touch the contours
While I'm trying to hit the nail on the head (hit the nail on the head, hit the nail on the head, hit the nail on the head)