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По какой горе

Где для тебя встают рассветы,
Тут для меня пусто всё.
На твоём пороге
Я оставлю годы, годы.
На той горе, где идёшь ты,
Там не будет моей ноги
Никогда, никогда.
Кто за тобой сейчас отправится -
Тот пусть идёт, а я не пойду.
И не жалей, что я не твоя
Судьба, судьба.
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The lost detectives

The lost detectives in the dark city.
I heard his moans.
I heard his steps in the Theater of Youth.
A voice that advances like an arrow.
Shadow of cafés and parks
frequented in adolescence.
The detectives who observe
his open hands,
the destiny stained with its own blood.
And you cannot even remember
where the wound was,
the faces that you once had loved,
the woman who had saved your life.
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Sooner or later, love comes

At a railroad crossing
far away from the world
on a sunny August day
a bored station manager
saw in the window
of an express train
a dark-haired woman
...and didn't work anymore.
He spent his evenings
looking at the moon
and the trains crashed
but he didn't hear them.
Sooner or later, love comes.
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No rope can hold me

Pinocchio: No string can hold me
Jiminy Cricket:
Don't stop, make yourself funny failing
Then you will understand what is conscience
Look at me! What do you think you are doing?
So much audience has come to watch you
Hah hah ha cute boy
Come on, kid, show yourself, go on
No string can hold me
I can't be angry any more, I can't frown
I am already free now
I saved myself from the strings
Hay hoo so merry!
I cannot be different
Let everybody know
I don't have any worries
No string can hold me
This is it!
What have I told you ha!
No string can hold me
I am not tied to anybody
They have strings
But I don't have
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don't see me, i'm tired

don't see me, i'm very tired
thats because of my old wound
my head will never be bend
except for Allah the gracious
and you come to me now
everyday a new story
go away from me!
what kind of people are those!!
and as long as you talk shit behind my back
that means you are behind me (and you will always be there)
don't be tempt by a person
tiredness is appearing in its face
and it became to change in so many colors .. that is life
let is think of whats next
our days are a lot
lets see in the end
who is laughing
its true that your wound have smashed me
but that was just at first
and as long as you talk shit behind my back
that means you are behind me (and you will always be there)
what do you want me to do?
cry and let a tear come down my eye
and all those tears i have cried because of you before
i want to take them back (cause you're a shit head)
sometimes you get in relationship with someone
that you hardly can tolerate
now my mind is relaxed
all the tiredness is gone
be my wing
i will be your sky
let is think of whats next
our days are a lot
lets see in the end
who is laughing