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Бедняга, как и я

Теперь в своих объятиях ты будешь обманывать другого,
Так же как и я он падет за одно 'Я люблю тебя'.
Ловушкой станет яд
Твоих сладких губ,
Ты загипнотизируешь его своим очарованием.
И потом, будучи уже у тебя на крючке,
Ты бросишь его без всякого утешения,
И без объяснений ты уйдешь.
Бедняга, что превозносит тебя,
Что умирает ради твоей кожи,
Бедняга, как ему не хватает тебя!
Как ему будет больно!
Бедняга, он и не представляет,
Что ты разрушишь всю его оставшуюся жизнь,
Что у тебя холодные и душа и сердце.
Как он может заподозрить,
Засыпая с тобой,
Что в душе на самом деле
Ты ничего не испытываешь, что ты лжешь,
Что тебя развлекает причинять вред,
Что смертельный поцелуй
Это доверить тебе любовь
Бедняга он, как и я
Переживет измену,
Он будет умирать
Ежедневно из-за твоей любви
Бедняга, бедняга
Как и я, бедняга
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That that the night won't end

My evening is ending
I yearn for the night
That that the night won't end
That I won't have to lose anything
That there'll be nothing left.

Only cash

Only cash turns me on
You know I love cash only
Only only only cash
Only only only BG*
Berlin or Wiene
BFOÐ* only cash and
I don't wanna hear even a word if it won't make the cash
Only cash turns him on
Only gas turns him on
Wherever when we go
Everybody's watching us
Besides that he's pretty
He has a cocky attitude
Only cash turns me on
We're a perfect couple
Bunch of whores and jerks
Hooked on drugs and promiles
He's only hooked on the money that piles up
I told him 'You're so crime'
They must be calling you 'Jimmy'
We get along like
Verses in the rhyme
He says to me that my ambition pleases him
And that I wade everything till the finish line
But I'm not a snake
And how I can create* and how I can fight
He says to me that he loves me because I'm a true worrier
My boyfriend knows when we're in shit
That we're in that together
My boyfriend passes the knowledge
And your's only condylomes
We collect medals
Till we make the shelf full
Money over everything
Except sisters and him
Cuz only cash turns her on
Only cash turns him on
Cuz only cash turns her on
Only cahs turns him on
Little girl's a real cash machine
She washes the money* like a washing machine
Contracts, concerts and
My phone's ringing, money's talking
Blah, blah, I'm hearing gossp girls and stupid girls
But she fills cash register instead of pots and ladles
English German I speak, no...
Right hand, lil to a hooker
Lil hustlin'
Cash flows, so cash flows baby
Money, that turns her on
We are team, we are in, expensive shit like Kanye and Kim
The whole club's burning like Maracana*
I'm melting gold, money's flying, we're spraying champagne
Belgrade hooker, hallelujah
Cuz only cash turns her on
Only cash turns him on
Cuz only cash turns her on
Only cahs turns him on
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Twice a Day

It is almost an eighth day when twice a 24-hours, that do mean so much on the Earth, I have the honor to speculate Sun in two of it's most furious, most shiny, most great and most beautiful incarnations of all th time it stands with me on the same side of a globe. Besides, I emphasize an exceptional favor of such interactions with a source of life. Truly: gratefully taking it's light, either it is a morning slide across the smooth surface of heaven curtains, or proud and unhurried, his barely perceptible steps beyond the horizon on a sky emaciated by clouds, a man, expressing the desire and will to let that light in, can turn itself into this light for a while, and shine itself in mornings and evenings, to be itself in a mood of joy and immediate smile.
Today it is necessary. No - not that today, when so much of different stuff runs past consciousness, offering it to listen closely, to believe, or to refuse it and to forget. No - not that today, when the interior self, embodying the essence and the root cause of things and the self, materialized in a form, matter and the dense energy, should ask again the each other questions, wanting to pull one another into their world. But Today, when the times of great changes do come closer. Of changes in a world structure, consciousness of humanity, feauters of nature, level of senses and of understanding, feeling of dimensionality, changes in spirit, when it's light will become the main source, head and the first, as it always been, even a long time ago before coming here and any other planet.
So isn't that happiness - to meet the Sun, and give it a back smile? Knowing that then the energies of new existence will flow unison with a sense of our soul?
Is there difference in what will a man decide to do in these sacral moments? As life, that is whole its and only its choice. It may create, manufacturing something that never took a place before. It may find itself in a lotus position, working with energies of a space. It may find itself praying, sending a word to something, that they use to call the God. Something, that always lies in a higher dimension. Something, that everyone wants to come to and that will never be founded. Because it's impossible to find something, that was never lost. And it cannot be proved something, that lies out of the relative system of feeling and understanding, in which scope these proves are long to be revealed and are still actual. It may act still, doing it's earthy job. Something that he agreed with. That must make him enjoy it. In this case, Harmony should show itself even if, as it looks like that, it does the most earthy and primitive things, far away from 'God'. Because Absoluteness is the main Universe property. And it is felt when one is ready to feel it. When it's almost ready to apply, to take high and eternal knowledge, collected by a mankind and being opened by it again and again, especially these days... In the days of Energies of Spirit, Divinity and Earth... What's the difference? There people wake up in the mornings with eyes full of energy... They are alive.
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Uruguay 1, Brazil 1

I went on vacations with my girlfriend to Porto Alegre
we got our bags ready and we took the TTL1
It was a match day, Uruguay and Brazil were playing
but we got late and I couldn't listen or see it
I got off on the station and I asked a guy
how did the game ended can você tell mim
The brazilian was crying, uruguay won brazil lost
The brazilian was crying, uruguay won brazil lost
For Globo and Bandeirantes it was all a nightmare
Uruguay won 1-0 on the last play with a knee goal
I went with my girlfriend to celebrate that night
we ate shrimps and drank velho barreiro
but I drank too much and I think I got drunk
and while I was falling I remembered that guy
The brazilian was crying, uruguay won brazil lost
The brazilian was crying, uruguay won brazil lost
The brazilian was crying The brazilian was crying
The brazilian was crying The brazilian was crying
I woke up next day alone at the hotel
and I no longer remembered what happened that night
then I heard some laughs and I looked over the window
and I saw the brazilian kissing my girl
the perverted was shouting uruguay lost brazil won
the perverted was shouting uruguay lost brazil won
I returned on the TTL with the low ehad
thinking that life gives rematches like in football
and evaluating the result I think I didn't got too bad
I got a tie as visitor after all
And when I was returning I was shouting uruguay tied brazil tied
And when I was returning I was shouting uruguay tied brazil tied
The brazilian was crying The brazilian was crying
Madureira was crying The brazilian was crying
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