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Cinderella( Zolushka)

It happens with everyone, may be once
The clock has struck and in the heart is thunderstorm
The close happiness will forever collapse
And the names are still not known
The slipper-only one
It's hard to explain and predict in the stars above
A flame of passion is burning inside
I'll prove, that the feelings are very serious
Of my love
If in the woods will wake up the giants
If flood with fire everything the dragon
To look for a stranger I won't get tired
Day and night trying the slipper on
Only you alone, only you I need
Without you my heart will cease to beat
Who once could find you in a dream
Will also will find you in reality
I still wander through forests and castles
I saw many beauties, but alas and ah
In vain people say there is no virtue in standing
The minutes running fast tic-tac
Wait for me stranger, there are not many left
Of those, to whom I didn't offered to try the slipper
Even barefoot, but we'll walk along the road
Of our love
Even if suddenly a mermaid will kidnap me
Or if Baba-Yaga I will meet
I don't mind, to try a slipper on their feet
But definitely, to be with them I have no need
So, how could I have, to forget the dream *(forgotten dream?)
I dreamed of her night after night
I will put on your finger the ring
If the slipper will fit you just right

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The Pail’s Filled Up With Moon Treacle

The pail’s filled up with moon treacle; across the brim it overflows
The polar-bred sunflowers bloom; above a ghostlike rainbow glows
In moonlight they are pouring down though being on a knotty strap
Made of the roughened coarse bed sheets of petrified dignity
And from the narrow bottle neck and through an icy sipping straw
We are now drawing carefully the last remaining draughts
Along the fustian riverside on the spike heels of hopelessness
Across and through the fresh renown on an unladen tiny sledge
Ahead on warm sunburnt skin using an old worn-out knife
Are taking their vexatious routes the pilgrims for anothe’ one’s pledge
Of the all-trite parameters of thoroughly read love
The ringing of the silver chords of gimcracks’ strings played with an edge,
Will wake up the inhabitants of godforsaken wards
A moment of epiphany will come with a fortuitous hug
Will tear the stains of leaking ceilings from the soggy walls
With the impulsive penitence of an inveterate wind-blown speed
Having a cold, the twilight will be splashed down as expectancy
On countries that are plagued by the enchantment of morass
The dewy-eyed star patterns that are laid behind a medical screen
Will cover my untimely death like an immantling shroud.

Что (скажут) мои друзья

Ты всё делала по-своему,
А меня не спрашивала;
Говорила, что я безумен,
Лишь бы тебе скитаться.
А что я мог тут сделать -
Поделить всё пополам;
И простить по доброй воле,
Но не могу я никогда.
Что скажут мои друзья,
Если я напьюсь сейчас,
И всё разобью;
Чтоб говорил об этом весь город?
Что скажут добрые люди,
Если я заплачу сейчас;
И тебе оставлю одну навсегда,
Не жалея тебя?
Ты всё делала по-своему,
А меня не спрашивала;
Говорила, что я безумен,
Лишь бы тебе скитаться.
А что я мог тут сделать -
Поделить всё пополам;
И простить по доброй воле,
Но не могу я никогда.
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Let's dance, pick two

Come, stand next to me,
Maybe in your soul will spark enthusiasm?
'Maybe I should go out to dance',
Do not sit and think
Come, stand next to me,
Give me your hand
Let's dance once,
After all, a holiday!
Get up, get up, come on, get up
If you do not want one, then let the two stand
Our Tartar stands up,
Do not take two, but take three!
You're in love and i'm in love
We are one pair
May happiness and joy bring
Us fate
You are and i am
Everything is between us now
Whoever we are in dance
We are all friends
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Ab ovo, from the beginning
I did not really understand
How someone, summa summarum, all in all
Claims his rule through division
Oderint dum metuant
Let them hate me, so long
As they just fear me; sounds crazy to me
Set the whole world stage on fire
All roads lead to Rome, I'm at the end of mine1
I just know, in no way can it go on like this
What is not learned in youth will never be learned
If you want peace, prepare for war
Advocatus diaboli
Is the devil's advocate; and time, it flies
Vae victis; woe to the vanquished
Nihil in terra sine causa fit
Means that nothing on earth ever happens without cause
Interim fiet aliquid2
All roads lead to Rome, I'm at the end of mine
I just know that no way can it go on like this
Who is the third one to rejoice
When two people quarrel?
We're changing over time
In omnia paratus, prepared for everything
Constant dripping wears the stone
It's hard not to write a satire about it all
I'll do it sola fide, through faith alone
I'll either find a way or pave one out
All roads lead to Rome, I'm at the end of mine
I just know it can't go on like this
  • 1. 'Ich bin am Ende mit meinem Latein', lit.: 'I've reached the end of my Latin.', fig.: 'I'm at my wit's end.' or 'I don't have any wise words left.' - This pun would've been lost in translation.
  • 2. Meanwhile something is happening