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I Cannot Cry

[Chorus 1:]
This I should feel
This I should see
I cannot cry
But I cannot help it
Do you see the angels?
Do you see the sea?
I want to cry
But I can't anymore
I have lost my fears so long ago
They froze with all the other feelings on that day
But now I think I am able to repent
Believe me, I would gladly renew my life
[Chorus 1]
Where will this journey possibly lead?
When nothing and no one can still touch me
I am cold, the coldness comes from inside
And my life appears to escape me
[Chorus 1]
Crazy, the way life plays with us
By what have I earned this life anyway?
The way I trample it under my feet
I should be glad that I am still alive
I miss you so
I'll live your life for you
I miss you so
I'll bring something along
[Chorus 2:]
Cause now I can feel it
Now I can see
I have to cry
And I cannot help it
Do you see the angels?
Do you see the sea?
Now I can cry
I miss you so much...

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I'm being discharged

A few days are left, sweet eyes of mine
and the guards are over,
the tears have dried up
Next Sunday I'm receiving the paper
I'm being discharged, I'm being discharged
I'm being discharged, baby, and I'm going crazy
It seems unbelievable, but it is real
Get ready and I'm coming, I'm only thinking of you
Next Sunday we're having a celebration
I'm being discharged, I'm being discharged
I'm being discharged, baby, and I'm going crazy

Make Love With Me

Versions: #2
Take of your clothes by the fever (1*)
Hotter than the fire.
(The) moon/moan(2*) is in the room now
Moon/moan(2*) is in the bed
Moon/moan(2*) when i'm in you, you look more naked
Give yourself over to me
How possibly can grow(in ecstasy) your body/flesh3* this night
You are not yourself anymore, i am absent too
Talk to me (sexually dirty talk)
I want to be shamed by your words
Make love with me, fight/struggle(4/5*)
Let's mix with one another
Dont set a dot to this night
There is no stop, no station
This is the last night, death is near
Talk to me, make love with me
Don't draw a line, be without prohibition
Make love with, fight/struggle with me
Like a snake cold and agile
Like a lie seductive and startling/frightening, you should be
You are not yourself anymore, i am absent too
Make love with me, talk to me
Only burning love(6*) and the night
The death is only on step away
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Before I realized it I was already left behind by the wave that is known as time
It seemed that no one even bothered to glance into things about me
I searched round and round no matter what for the things I had lost by looking downwards
After everything had been swept away by that wave
If one keeps on gazing at things like timelines while walking
It is certain that one will overlook even something right in front of one's eyes
Things like changing the world alone
Are impossible; if so
I would sing to the extent where my voice is shredded
One may get lost by constantly obsessing over nothing but timelines
And still not discover even something like the meaning of life
Things that can reach out to someone who has already left
Are unknown; even so
I would sing until my voice has withered
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Healing Incantation

Flower listen to me
If you'll shine
With your powers
You'll protect me
With your magic
You'll help me
An don't tell me
That's too late for me now
It's too late now