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Speech is silver, but silence is gold.
Spins a yarn, doesn't know that stark crazy.
Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.
As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.
Mind yourself, don't break heart.
Or else you'll lose your sleep.
Watch your step, don't be deceived.
You'd be tumbled, the biter gets bit eventually.
She made a mountain out of a molehill, chatterbox.
She fan the flames knowingly.
She digs her own grave, sucker.
She rattles on.
Not that i care, for reasons best known to herself.
The ones who knows me, knows quite well.
Her spinning wheels,
Has no authority in these inclinations.
Go ahead, love, howay, howay. be hell bent.
Put your hand onto your heart, in this pretense life.
What passerb, passerby. there is a price to pay for everything, don't you forget.
This mortal world won't be up to you.
Once-over-lightly shake yourself, and behave yourself.
Know yourself, don't extravagate too much.
Two plus two makes 4, calculation is plain and simple.
Open up your heart, don't beef.
She puts on airs, has no shame.
She thinks herself superior.
Cocky as the king of spades, saintlike.
She thinks she's the queen of this world.

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I’m yours

Heard your slow whispering
In between of your shadows
Spoken the love words that has been kept long ago
And it won’t go
The love been stranded rapidly
And became a story
Which never will be forgotten
Engrave in the heart
And won’t let go
Will i ever get
The love like this again
Don’t let me
Losing you
Please listen to my promise
from heart
I love you
Don’t listen to them
Who don’t want us to unite
Reassure me that I’m yours
I’m yours
Stranded love that so pure
With strong bound
Don’t ever be separated again
Time will test
The love between us
Will i ever get
The love like this again
Don’t let me
Losing you
Please listen to my promise
from heart
I love you
Don’t listen to them
Who don’t want us to unite
Reassure me that I’m yours
I’m yours

Iran Contras

-You will die, you will die...
-Are they just spill the t, that we'll die?
Sabotage with a counter-revolutionary purpose was
'the conscious non-fulfillment by somebody of certain
duties or the deliberately negligent performance of them with
the special purpose of weakening the power of the government and
the activities of the state apparatus...'.
Counter-revolutionary sabotage was punished with from imprisonment for a period of one year to the maximum penalty.
Imagine that you're not and nothing has changed
You have a chance of zero so sorry, dude...
This's the most colossal in your life blowin mind
Your potential has danced a little and has not grown alas.
Well, let's try to win me don't give me an appetite to appease
Your 4th ceiling, not to reach to five in any way.
I'm a giant on your trampled path.
I'm sorry but you need to be eliminated, it's not a problem, because you're a debutant.
Everything was clear in principle, and so unfold your broken tank.
Take care of your eardrums, this bomb bites you and not only
God sees you hurt, as if for weeks you were being electrocuted.
Not easy huh? I'm not here for fun, you'll be crappy,
It's not Comedy soon
You'll feel how stone powder flutters in your garden
You don't see a happy ending, your song is sung time to cry life
All mortal way to escape I'm the switched on light, you're a cockroach.
And not because you're dressed poorly, or someone doesn't want your victories,
Yes, you just believe, I'm not that opponent, you don't have all the experience.
I broke your plan, man
Let's go out, this is war.
I broke your plan, man
Oh, come on, he has a talent for grammar
Hole for you thread*, so that fear in you is dead
Only after you. And let the bones're boil
Dash in the beam*, so that could be angry with him
Who was angry with this long-haired savage.
Abracadabra, so that the path to heaven disappears,
But there's a drop of good in me.
Although, I don't give a fuck what you think,
Run while witchcraft went into action.
Dima you're loose the battled again,
I'm your demotivator for you to go out.
Your tiny mind's don't ornate,
It betrayed you and you're dumb in a word.
Not an option to clean me up and the barricades will not help,
Go away until I punished you,
Practice will identify Daguddu in the winners
And that's why you seem to hate me.
Step, no matter how you sang or read,
One thing - you're in my shadow, and we can't be compared
And now you're already at the bottom, don't even dream.
Don't even dream of being with us
On the pedestal there are no places, believe.
Greatstep make your last great step away.
I broke your plan, man
Let's go out, this is war.
I broke your plan, man
Oh, come on, he has a talent for grammar
Yo, hello everyone, to be honest I didn't even know
That I'll go to the 4th round, Imma fool, probably it goes
Again, I'm very happy, but it's unlikely I'll go to the final
After all, I closed the entrance there a long time ago.
Call me a contras-man. I spat on the topic, I don't care for it
I'll arrange sabotage and then turn your battle upside down
- Well, in general, I'm not exactly a magician, no...
- Yes? Well, you don't know this and you don't know what you can do...
Tibor from QS-FB
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A New World

I can show the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Princess, when have you
done what your heart desires?
Come and fly with me
between wonder and wonder
I will take you
on a magic carpet ride1
A new world
shall be revealed here tonight
No one tells us
what to do
We are in the dreams
A new world
[Of] such a place, I hadn't thought
But when I'm here
I can see
that I'm in a new world with you
I'm in a new world with you
Unbelievable sights
My feelings are lighting up
as we are flying
in the endless sky
A new world
Open [your] eyes wide
A hundred thousand things here
Wait, it shall be better
I'm like a meteor2
I've travelled
so far and I'm not going back anymore
A new world
Every corner a surprise
With new ambitions to attempt
It's as sharp as a knife3
The past is gone
We are free
This is our whole new world
A new world
Where we will be
With our treasure
A beautiful place
For you and me
  • 1. These last two rows have been swapped for the , due to how the sentence would normally be formed (איך וועט נעמען דיר אויף אַ מאַגישער טעפּעך רייַזע).
  • 2. What a 'shooting star' actually is.
  • 3. Referring to the overall experience of the flight, the speed in particular. Also, bilinguals with knowledge of Hebrew and English may notice something about this lyric; It corresponds to 'Every moment red letter', and מעסער (meser, 'knife'/'blade') happens to sound exactly like Hebrew for 'message' (מֶסֶר, meser). This was an intentional coincidence, and wasn't done just to retain the rhyme.
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Shopee Christmas Jingle (Philippines 2018 ver.)

At Shopee
It's Christmas
At Shopee
Shop now
At Shopee
At Shopee pi pi pi pi
Free Shipping ping ping ping
It's now Christmas at Shopee!
  • 1. 'COD': Cash on delivery. Each letter in acronym is pronounced separately.