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Me on the Radio

I was 7 years old
listening to Jimi Hendrix and Zeppelin
For me it was good.
Made myself a mike stand at lathe
bought a guitar with the telephone money
For me it was good.
Hey, yeah.... listen, turn on the radio!
Turn it louder!
Hey, yeah... oh, mother, how cool!
Today is a big day, It's me on the radio!
I was the best in the Tei (neighbourhood)
Found myself singing with the best
For me it was good
Old man said I had a good ear
but I'm missing 200 years of blues
For me wasn't good!...
Hey, yeah.... listen, turn on the radio!
Turn it louder!
Hey, yeah... oh, mother, how cool!
Today is a big day, It's me on the radio!

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English translation

Don't Ever Take Love for Granted: A Poem

Don't ever take love for granted!
Don't ever agree, no matter how tired you may be,
To let your sparrows stop singing,
And your beautiful flowers wilt.
Most importantly, don't ever think
That everything passes and ends.
Yes, stars burn out, but the one star
Named Love must ever and ever
Burn in the heavens!
Don't ever take love for granted,
And change happiness for comfortable habits
As if turning a fire into tiny matches,
Don't sell yourself out, but live passionately!
Don't ever take for granted those lips
Which you seem to have known forever,
Just like you wouldn't take for granted the sun and winds
Or the storm amid furious thunder!
Yes, you may in insignificant feelings
Find someone, lose them, and find them again,
But should you be lucky enough to find love,
Then to take it for granted is as betraying your blood
Or gambling away all you own all at once!
Don't ever take happiness for granted!
Instead, shining with a beautiful fire,
Always look at your love
With vibrant and endless amazement.
A diamond isn't a servant to time
And will never lose its worth.
Be ever amazed then that you,
Deserving of it or not - that's not for you to judge -
Have managed to find happiness in this world!
And so that your love's star never dies,
Be filled with an enlightened art:
Don't let your feelings run their course,
Don't ever take happiness for granted.
Thank you for taking the time to read my translation, and I hoped you liked it! In the event that you feel it is good enough to be shared with others, please don't forget to credit me as the author. Thanks again!

Roads/paths of the sex/ Sexdromes

Silver rockets to the air maybe I will let
All the citizens of Vilnius will see that over the heads the more space
Silver me and you between the loaded discotheques
Here the glass breaking so often, that whom believe you don't know.
Where sexdromes was more freely, we are flying
The points of descent is empty
Where sexdromes was more freely, we are falling
The points of descent is empty
One two three and I'm already here invasion secretly
You are smart, but not patient and eyes is searching maybe will catch
The time we're having after one, two numbers on my back
Taxi founded the victims for themselves and became cosy to us.
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Yes, we love this country

Yes, we love this country
as it rises forth,
rugged, weathered, over the water,
with the thousands of homes, —
love, love it and think
of our father and mother
and the saga-night that lays
dreams upon our earth.
And the saga-night that lays
dreams upon our earth.
This country Harald united
with his army of heroes,
this country Håkon protected
whilst Øyvind sung;
upon the country Olav painted
with his blood the cross,
from its heights Sverre spoke
up against Rome.
Farmers their axes sharpened
wherever an army advanced,
Tordenskjold along the coastline thundered
so that we could see it back home.
Even women stood up and fought
as if they were men;
others could only cry
but that soon would end!
Sure, we were not many
but we were enough,
when we were tested sometimes,
and it was at stake;
we would rather burn our land
than to declare defeat;
just remember what happened
down at Fredrikshald!
Hard times we have coped with,
were at last disowned;
but in the worst distress, blue-eyed
freedom was to us born.
It gave (us) father's strength to carry
famine and war,
it gave death itself its honour -
and it gave reconciliation.
The enemy threw away his weapon,
up the visor went,
we, in wonder, to him hastened,
because he was our brother.
Driven forth to a stand by shame
we went to the south;
now we three Brothers(Scandinavia) stand united,
and shall stand like that!
Norwegian man in house and cabin,
thank your great God!
The country he wanted to protect,
although things looked dark.
All the fights fathers have fought,
and the mothers have wept,
the Lord has quietly moved
so we won our rights.
Yes, we love this country
as it rises forth,
rugged, weathered, above the sea,
with those thousand homes.
And as the fathers' struggle has raised
it from need to victory,
even we, when it is demanded,
for its peace will encamp (for defence).
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Through Sparkling Diamond Web The Eastern Sky Turned Green...

Through sparkling diamond web the eastern sky turned green.
Across the land, mysterious in stern wrath,
The thousands of the trails and roads glow bright, serene.
If only we could cross the world on just one true path!
To see it all, to grasp, to know, to go through all,
Through eyes to take in all the forms and all the colors.
To pass on burning feet across the land of wonders,
To comprehend [it all] and incarnate once more.
Quality RU-EN and EN-RU translations by Ironic Iron.
Bringing joy of Russian music and poetry to the world.
When sharing, please thank & credit: (c) St. Sol @ LT.