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Let's go Sarajevan Girl

Sarajevan girl, let's go, dear, let's go
To my village together, together
I'll saddle you on my horse
Aman, we'll elope together
I have a big forest dear
And a colorful garden
In the middle of it grows a cherry
Aman, sweeter than sugar
How great for you my man
When you ride on your horse
A gold bit mouthpiece
Aman, mame girl
Sarajevan girl, don't fret, dear, don't fret
Don't say anything to anyone
I'll bring you my dear
Aman, to where the nightingales sing
The forest is huge, dear, huge
And I'm a little lady
A snake could bite me
While listening to the nightingale

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The sun set this evening in masses of cloud,
The storm comes to-morrow, then calm be the night,
Then the Dawn in her chariot refulgent and proud,
Then more nights, and still days, steps of Time in his flight.
The days shall pass rapid as swifts on the wing.
O'er the face of the hills, o'er the face of the seas,
O'er streamlets of silver, and forests that ring
With a dirge for the dead, chanted low by the breeze;
The face of the waters, the brow of the mounts
Deep scarred but not shrivelled, and woods tufted green,
Their youth shall renew; and the rocks to the founts
Shall yield what these yielded to ocean their queen.
But day by day bending still lower my head,
Still chilled in the sunlight, soon I shall have cast,
At height of the banquet, my lot with the dead,
Unmissed by creation aye joyous and vast.
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Dont You See

Don't you see fire in me driven
don't you see my soul seeks the graves
don't you learn don't you know
the pain after you left breaks my back
don't you hear don't you see
my pain is all over the place
oh I wonder
can't you sleep like me at night
what happened
and to leave all buckled up
And I do have reproach with the person who left me behind
how could he leave one like me have all the passion for you
Got blind
my heart and can't focus
Got blind
and the color of my life is black
I hardly able move my hand
the one who I count on left me behind
furious, lost in my way
I feel the separation from my heart
long time watching
hardly cant close my eyes
if he don't come back
you can find me in the cemetery
i said might
tomorrow he will come back
i said might
but he look like he traveled
oh missing him is killing me
and only him coming back could fix me
I dwell and keep bewail
ohh his separation took my soul a way from me
the pain keep increasing
my worry became like mountains
one year past a way
and still cry every day
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(equirhythmic, rhyming)

The Old Wartime Song

Versions: #2
Songs of our squadron are no longer heard.
Tinkly sounds of cleft hooves finished ringing.
Bullets pierced the bottom of the cooking pot.
Sutler girl is killed, but pain's still stinging.
Few of us are left: just us and our pain.
Few of us but our foes are fewer.
And as long as we live, frontline's our bane,
If we perish, Heaven's our future.
Holding rifle bolt, yet head feels gloom at hand,
Though it seems my soul soared free from fetters.
What's the point of writing with blood on the sand?
Nature has no use for our letters.
Sleep tight, dear brothers, it will all come back,
New commanders will be born, however
Newly drafted soldiers still will be on track
To receive their own apartments - never.
Sleep on, dear brothers, everything repeats,
Everything in nature runs in circles.
Words as well as bullets, blood and deep love beats.
Time for peace will never clear the hurdles.
© St.Sol @ LT: all rights reserved.