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Child of the night

Hey that's pretty good, hey that's pretty good
Don't have to go anywhere tonight
And when suddenly the morning comes and when suddenly the morning comes
It's no biggie, it's alright, you know
We have one more night, we have one more night
That's why Fridays are so nice
And if I really-really want
I'll take a week off
Set my paw down somewhere, that's that
You're from Haapsalu,
I've been to Haapsalu
there's the Talumehe bar,
The White Lady
the beach promenade,
there's the club Africa
I'll visit if I can
on Sunday
you're hot like the beach,
like Paralepa beach
like Paralepa beach in the middle of July
you and me, you and me, you and me
we go together, we go together
like Saaremaa and a windmill
like Pärnu town and moles
like pistols and bullets
like Roosmaa and Tuuli
like the saxophone and the mouthpiece
and my birthday is in june,
not like in May like yours
you said let's go behind the corner,
I said oh, you're nuts,
but oh you're good
as if my head was swelling.
you're ying, I'm yang
I'm bottom, you're on top
and whene the shirt's unbuttoned
you'll pay for the drinks, your man will cover it all
Once I was afraid I would lose my heart,
now I guess I'll also lose my mind
I called you during the day
because I didn't understand that you
only appear at night for me,
when only the moon lights the ground
you too, there's two of us
hey, you're also a child of the night
Once I was afraid I would lose my heart,
now I guess I'll also lose my mind
I called you during the day
because I didn't understand that you
only appear at night for me,
when only the moon lights the ground
you too, there's two of us
hey, you're also a child of the night

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01 (Empty)

'Deactivate the chat'
And it's not that I'm bored of the same things
It's that I'm bored of the same people
I fall in love in order to escape from my loneliness
but only the thought that I will fall in love again
it reminds me that I am alone.
Poetry doesn't look for solutions
It was looking all along, finding them and maintaining dead-ends.
Not even one big poet had suicidal tendencies
The most self-destructive poets
got married, got fat,
raised children, created a social cycle,
gossiped, settled down
and died from senility.
I am afraid to die
But I am more afraid to live the way you'd like me to live
I was going somewhere with this...
I wonder if my poems
seem so beautiful to the uninitiated as it seems to me any beautiful drawing
When besides aesthetic
the specific interferes
things become complicated somehow.
That's why I think the painters
'poets without balls'.
I saw you in my sleep the other night
and yesterday I heard a song that reminded me of you.
I thought to send it to you
but then I regretted it...
To not drop my self-pride
but to not 'devalue' the song.
That's where I was going
Where else?
I am the most insecure whore, my loves!
Make me love one by one or all together
It doesn't matter. As long as I am the only object of lust in this room
It's cold in here!
Hug me, Goddamnit!
Today I am very clean
Look how beautiful my clothes are
I write, both poems and music
How can someone not love me?
I'm a nice guy
Aren't I?
It doesn't matter if I'm not the best, I don't care
Just tell me that I have something unique
I can't stand any more competition
I just asked for a little acceptance. And that's all
I'm also interested in politics too, and I'm worried
up to where I can
I'm empty really
But I don't say it
If you understand that we might really look alike you may leave me
I'm hardcore romantic because hope is charming
and the only forfeit in order to love me
I hope I didn't tire you
Are you still there?
I love you. You?
I also have today a comb in my stomach
My hands are shaking, my eyes hurt
I was here all night and I am afraid
I guzzled in order to forget my mistakes.
You were here too, but you didn't even drink a sip of your drink
You were only laughing, and constantly saying that you didn't expect
to see a gimpy guy doing eights ever, never, but here I am!
And I admired you, and I admire you
You stand here in front of me able-bodied and I look at you
The idol, that I see in the mirror even though it's blur
I love it, (i hate you), I love it, (i hate you)
I am naive when I think that I must leave the frame, even though I doubt
if it benefits me to stay the corks
when anywhere around me there are so many phalli as role models
And in the end, I surrender to the picture
Make me handsome in order for the doll to want me
Now for the audiance, we play hopscotch!
And I will fall in love with it, as long as it loves me a little back...

The city Mariupol

The day has not yet come, the day I will reach your horizon
The city Mariupol.
When I will come,our mobiles will start to lives again
And I will be waitting again to your stikers,Mariupol
And again my life without you ,
Could not be perfect,dear Mariupol.
And again I should looking after you.on the webs
To find you my love -Mariupol.
And again,I will have waitting days and night only to here your voice
And I have not any intentions,not to do so...
even only to hold your hand for a moment Mariupol
Even only for embracing you again.
To feel your Heartbeats,and remember
The whole stikers of the animation heart ,at the middel of the day
Even only to feel The beautiness of new city under the moonlight
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Reach the limit

Scream, scream with enthusiasm
Our body is the proof that we're alive
Try, try, believe
Nobody can judge my heart
Run, run, we always
Will choose the way of justice
Come on
Don't run away, don't fade away, don't let this flame go out
Let's catch up tomorrow
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Эй ты

Здравствуйте, я из твоей соседней галактики
Где нет горизонта и рубежей
Каждый день никогда не уходит мимо
Ночи нескончаемы
Биение сердца со скоростью сердца
Место и время меняются
Весь день такого не бывает
Мечты сбываются
Никто не угнетен
Человек, скажи мне
Ты тоже счастлив?
Эй ты
Маленький андроид
Эй ты
На своем спутнике
Здравствуйте, для тебя я сменил курс
Вы новые для меня
Вы любите ненавидеть друг друга
Как это
У нас разная скорость
Сегодня твой счастливый день
Человек приди сюда и пожелай себе что-нибудь
Эй ты
Маленький андроид
Эй ты
На своем спутнике
Со сверхзвуком через море звезд
Возьми меня с собой
Я больше не могу
Эй ты
Маленький андроид
Человек, приди сюда
Человек, пожелай себе что-нибудь
Человек, приди сюда
Человек веселится
Здравствуйте, маленький андроид
Я так одинок
Мое сердце - вакуум
Тяжело, как тысяча камней
Я хочу рискнуть
Ничего не потерять
Приди на взлет, человек
Давай полетим вместе