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Hold me

you understand me
me, you understand
and what's in my eyes is clear
doesn't need explanation
hold me without saying anything
feel me, move
if I don't live my life for you
then say a eulogy to my heart
Is it possible
that your heart doesn't know how soft mine is?
have you not get it
that I love you madly?
hold me without saying anything
feel me, move
if I don't live my life for you
then say a eulogy to my heart
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Baltasar Brum

In 1933 again
interests that are unknown to this land
chain the freedoms again
and place as dictator Gabriel Terra.
The insult that the perjured done to the motherland,
found everybody with dead consciences.
Only Baltasar Brum was brave,
only Baltasar Brum was ashamed.
There they are, these few don Baltasar,
four or five are with him.
And they've been at the door, vidalita
almost all the morning.
Bravery of a lonely man, don Baltasar,
because he stood himself firm alone
the shirt open to the chest, vidalita
and a gun in hand.
Where are you Colonels and Generals?
Where is that party that elected me?
Where are you, montevidean citizens?
Where are you officers of the nation?
They come to arrest him, vidalita
and he replies shooting.
Life isn't what matters, don Baltasar,
it's another thing.
Loneliness of a lonely man, don Baltasar,
alone in the desert street,
the motherland is with him, vidalita
standing guard at the door.
Where are the soldiers who don't come?
Where is the people who elected me?
Where are you Generals and Colonels?
Where are you officers of the nation?
The thirtyfirst of march
is stretching in the afternoon
and becomes long the shadow
of the lonely man, who waits.
At four pm
he crosses the center of the street.
The shirt open to the chest
and the chest open to the motherland.
At four pm
a shot is heard on the street
and suddenly begins the night
with a shroud of horror.
At four pm, vidalita,
he was curling, curling.
To leave upright foreveer don Baltasar,
at four pm.
The city seemed dead, vidalita,
the people didn't appear
and the uniforms were, don Baltasar,
saluting the dictator.
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In my place

It's so weird
How it can hit you
When you think that you've forgotten
It returns
I see it on Insta
I look everyday
And it hurts me
It drains me
By the last drop of hope
You won't ever return to me
And somehow, I'd like to fool myself
But it's even better for you to remain where it's best for you
It's better to look at you
I knew since I met you
This precipice is bottomless
But I jumped
She wears the clothes
That I wore sometime
She kisses the fingers
That I kissed
She loves you wonderfully
You, my Cosmos
I hope that you found what you wanted
Something even better in my place
I don't want you anymore
I don't feel you anymore
I don't sing you anymore
And your clothes,
I don't wear them anymore
But I still hold onto them
I don't want to bring you back, I don't want to do again what I can't
I can't hold onto you
You are fire, you're a storm, and a drug, and poison
I can't have you, you're too strong, too much
I knew from the start that it would hurt, and it really hurt
If I have made a mistake, please, tell me! Thank you!
Dacă am făcut o greșeală, te rog, spune-mi! Mulțumesc!

There Were Way Too Many Prosecutors!..

There were way too many prosecutors!
Who has not condemned Thy mortal sins?
But right now, when road is dark for suitors,
And the ninth sea wave shows roaring fins,
We think back of Thee in roused obsession, -
This is all that we could save in here...
And the past emerges as bright heaven,
Like a childhood in sun dust, so dear...
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You're My King

Be glorified
Be lifted up
Lord Jesus
You're my King
The One on the throne
The One who have the power
Lord Jesus
You're my King