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Wild Gazelle

Oh, you wild gazelle, where are you?
You and I are acquainted in several (ways)
(we are) two alone (ones), two wandering (ones), two abandoned (ones)
with beasts1 and traps ahead and behind (us)
Let us realize each other's condition2
(Let us) seek3 each other's wish if we can
(because) I see this disturbed prairie4
why doesn't it ever have joy or happiness?
Who will become - tell (me) oh friends -
the friend of the abandoned, (and) the company of the strangers?
Only if the blessed Khizr5 appears
and thanks to his endeavor, the problems will be solved
When that moving cedar becomes multiple6
Use the branch of the cedar to make some shade
At a fountainhead, and beside a stream,
a drop of tear and a dialogue with one's self
In the memory of the departed and the beloved,
Get in tune with the spring cloud
When the flowing water comes to you groaning,
Help it with the water7in your eyes
That old companion did not show forbearance
Oh Muslims, Muslims, (I swear you) by God
Maybe only the holy Khizr5 can
take this single (one) to that single (one)
  • 1. evil
  • 2. or mood or situation
  • 3. strive for
  • 4. or desert or plain or field
  • 6. This one is a particularly difficult, or maybe impossible, to translate. Disregarding the interpretation, the wording can be read in several ways. روان could be read as 'flowing' or 'growing' or 'moving' (all readings are relevant), and کاروان which means a caravan, here refers to the becoming great in number, either of the branches or the cedars. Anyways, the translations show a simple reading of the verse.
  • 7. tears
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I will Be

I saw in heaven the moments of your city,
The hours of your fate and the months of you thoughts
I saw from heaven, the clouds smiling below,
I touched (landed) here below and there it seemed to be worse
I will be appropriately alive with you
I will be you with a wall of love
I will be with you united as one
I will be with you without that heaven, of what was
With you...
I saw again the image - uneasily I smiled,
Inadvertently I touched it and returned the key
I did not want to return it, I found a false happiness,
I found a false body and returned the key
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The Parting

The parting - sad estrangement,
The pain of strange land toil,
For no one loves a vagrant
Except the mother-soil.
- The vagrant song.
There are the folks who're destined to be vagrants:
A stranger always, everywhere I go.
I'm driven by erratic dream engagements,
Mercurial like a running water flow.
The cities flash before my eyes, depart
Along with towns and boroughs full of anguish.
But I have never met, oh, dear heart,
My own anticipation, doomed to languish.
Estrangement! Wake of someone else's boat!
The urge of waves to those unlike the others.
Yes, I'm a vagrant, trampling fields like goat.
And, tired of repeating things all over,
I'm dropping to the ground and crying. My Lord!
For no one loves me like the wet soil coat!
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Bringing joy of Russian music and poetry to the world.
When sharing, please thank & credit: (c) St. Sol @ LT.
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Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie

Versions: #2
Nous entendons l'écho de la vieille parade,
Nous nous lançons sur la route principale,
Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie,
Dans le cœur du soldat, toi, Moscou.
Nous avons honnêtement gagné notre victoire,
Dévoués à une sainte et sanglante cause,
Dans chaque nouvelle maison, dans chaque nouvelle chanson
Souvenez-vous de ceux qui sont parti se battre pour Moscou.
Manteaux gris. Talent russe.
L'éclat bleu des yeux sincères
Des jeunes cadets sur les plaines enneigées.
L'immortalité a commencé. La vie a été brisée.
Dans ce monde, je n'ai besoin de rien,
Seulement que tu soies en vie dans les moments difficiles,
Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie,
Dans chaque cœur russe, toi, Moscou.
Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie,
Dans chaque cœur russe, toi, Moscou.
Nos enfants se souviendront de ceux qui étaient avec nous,
De tout ce qu'ils ont perdu, de tout ce qu'ils ont sauvé pour eux,
Tu resteras seulement le meilleur de la planète,
La ville la plus juste de la Terre.
Le regard frémissant de nos vieilles rues,
Les mots durs de nos jeunes chansons,
Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie,
Dans chacun de nos cœurs, toi, Moscou.
© Copyright հեղինակային իրավունքներ Derechos de autor זכויות יוצרים Telif hakkı Авторские права:
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Remember me

Remember me
Yes, I'm going now, but
Remember me
and time will give you
This song that I kept for you in my heart only
I'll sing it to you from all my roads
Remember me
Imagine, at least for a moment
Remember me
When the guitar will sound
My voice will come to you even with darkness
And now you're back in my hands
We are together again