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On the Run

West Berlin 1967
First impression, prison vans
Roadblocks against dreamers
You are looking for a fight
We don´t really mean to be bad
Cornering our generation in excess
Where the last solution is the gas
You´ll get the first prosecution
Whole Berlin is one dark cloud
And you´ll find yourself looking for a way out
Out...out...break out - on the run
Zurich 1982
Everything seems fine, empty squares everywhere
The protests had come to an end
The winner is the tax
On the shorelines no more fires
the outcome of fifteen years
Trying to keep everything under control
Old values are there to be enjoyed
Look where all that money is going
Throw the troublemakers out
and restore the opera house
What the order is today
Got everything thank God for that
just give yourself up freely
then the pressure will seize a bit
get the whole protest march together
and then capture them all
One thing in future is certain
they will come back and ask
what the new generation is thinking
about the order of today
Dark clouds, thunder and lightning
and you´ll find yourself on the run once again
on the run...

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Mr Jones lives in Paris

Mr Jones has been living in Paris
for a few years now.
A writer by his trade,
he's the orphan of a banker.
His nasty temper is feared
in the neighbourhood1
He hates people and music.
That's rather pathetic.
Now it's been a few months
since Mister Jones noticed
to his great dismay that
a neighbour is practicing his scales.
That often happens when he's about
to write, read or sleep.
The piano resounds
at midnight sharp.
He even dared try the ceiling banging trick2
You never know,
it might be a boxer using music
to mellow his temper.
Mister Jones eventually rang
at the door across the landing
as an extra safety measure.
A pale skinned guy looking like a bailiff
with a starched collar showed up.
The piano went quiet immediately.
They were invited in.
Mister Jones found himself
facing a smashing blonde,
a first grade doll.
He liked her at first sight.
A bit later he fell right into love3
just like that, struck by
her pretty bright eyes as if by lightning.
It blew the air out of his lungs.
They got married a couple of days later,
and had children.
Now Mr Jones tolerates music
and even sometimes people.
A bit later he fell right into love
just like that, struck by
her pretty bright eyes as if by lightning.
It blew the air out of his lungs.
They got married a couple of days later,
and had children.
Now Mr Jones tolerates music
and even sometimes people.
Mister Jones lives in Paris
Mister Jones' troubles are over.
  • 1. the transcription does not make sense and I can't listen to the song, so that's just a likely placeholder
  • 2. lit. 'the broom trick'
  • 3. the French is pretty unusual too
This translation does not claim to be of any particular value.
Glad if you liked it, sorry if you didn't.
You can reuse it as you please.
Glad if it's for knowledge or understanding, sorry if it's just for money or fame.
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Silver fox

In the midst of an incessant snowfall
An unique voice echoes
'This town is too cold'
Who says that?
Even if you forget about your sadness
This will not warm you up
Even if you forget about your loneliness
The long night will come again
You're always afraid of something
Your feet are being covered by the snow
As long as you keep running away, someday you will end up forgetting
In midst the snowfall that sways in the darkness
A unique and overshadowed voice says
'The stars are so far away'
You wish they would fall
Even if you remembered the shape of the sky
Even if you held the shadow of the moon
What if everything (everything) end up melting?
The snow is crying
You go through a colorless world
An empty world
I want to be white like snow
I drown in such a dream and sleep
Someday, one day ...
And even it even melts?
You want to be white like snow
So you drown in such a dream and fall asleep
Even if someday, someday...
It melts again?
In a snow spot that seems warm
You drown in such a dream and fall asleep
A newer you
Lies over a bunch of blue flowers...
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A thousand ways

I have a thousand ways to show you my love,
my life holds onto you when I look at you
if when I rest my hand on your chest
you feel your presence here inside of me,
it's because your name is in each heartbeat.
I have a thousand ways to show you my love,
I put my heart each time I touch you,
so without any word
you'll verify that, deep within my soul
I have only booked a place for you.
Because there's a thousand ways of showing so much affection,
and unleash our senses
to live what has not been written.
Because there's a thousand ways to celebrate this sacred love,
and thank the infinite sky
the wonder of being by your side.
You have a thousand ways to show me your love,
only with a kiss, inside your mouth I melt down,
and you cross my feelings
to anchor yourself in my thinking
of which you are the owner since centuries ago.
You have a thousand ways to show me your love,
you are my shelter and best friend
who takes care about me every moment
who loves me one hundred percent
my greatest treasure, you being with me.
Just learning.
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While the evening ends
And the shadow comes to me
My youth burns, sad and bitter
I’m scared to look
In the mirror and see
Like pain, my life withering
But today, I want to escape
Be free, be free
I want to set off, finally
Where there are feelings
Where there is one truth
Where there is trust
Where is freedom
Where there is no darkness
Where there is no anxiety
Where there is no advice
Where there is no evil
Where I can find my own way
Just with my heart
And the throbbing of my blood
Will be the only reason
To not see flowers without colours
To not hear promises without any value
Escape from my old prisons
I shout what I feel without fear
Where there are realities
Where there is sunlight
Where there are sincere faces
There there is understanding
Where there are no weapons
Where there is no resentment
Where there are no secrets
Where there is no fear
To not see flowers without colours …
Shout, truths from within - shout!
But I couldn’t get away from myself
The cruel present, so cold and grey
My days will be so lonely, a sad wait
Without end
Where there are feelings…