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I select, not been selected

I find a better-than-you if I seek
I light love fire once again
you're not hard-to-find Indian cloth my dear
go back if you want, the same way you came
If love is an ancient lie
you're the most big lie
your heart must learn this bitter reality
from my eyes
even if madly I love
very soon I can ignore this
whatever happens
I select, not been selected

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Dark Thoughts

My body carved from stone
My heart is hard
Time stands still
Don't believe it, but it's true
Thoughts, dark thoughts...
My body carved from stone
My heart is hard
What is coming
Remains uncertain
Remains uncertain
Thoughts, dark thoughts...
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Million ... Million ...

1. I'm a little flower,
Near the cross with spikes
The flower is small, the hill is big
What perfume could give a flower?
But, like me, the Lord has
Million ... Million ...
2. I'm a whistle that gathers
The lost poor sheep
When, there're thunders, in the sky
Who's hearing a good news?
But, like me, in the valleys it resounds
Million ... Million ...
3. I am a ray from Golgotha,
Near ocean shores
A spark at the top of the cliff,
Who can see it in the deep night?
But, like me, there are still
Million ... Million ...
4. I am a traveler through the world,
Getting across meridians.
My brothers of body and name
Were laughing and mocking me
But I have other brothers in the world
Million ... Million ...
5. I am a steam blowing in the wind
And it is lost in the wilderness.
But on the day that will come
Not a man and not a thousand,
As me, they would like to be
Million ... Million ...

Chikuma river

On the water stream, a crying man
Makes float softly some petals
A travel to Shinano makes a forget-me-not remember,
a first love that won't return
Where tomorrow are drifting clouds
The smoke will hover avobe the Asama mount
Far away the capital calls in the distance
The autumn wind stands in the zebra grass road
If I follow all alone the reed pipe timbre
Chikuma river looks sad
A little wave coming near will wane on the coast
The village lights are lit on the road to Shinano
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Тёплая вода

Тёплая вода,
Белая эмаль...
Я думаю о наихудшем.
Огонь извергается из меня,
Я весь корчусь.
Сто ножей колют мой желудок,
И дикие, длительные колики
Сокрушают последние остатки сил.
Капельки воды смывают сперму в канализацию.
С взором остекленевшим я стою, качаясь,
Пока последние молекулы спирта убивают мои мысли.