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A Ship Is Coming Laden

A ship is coming laden
And rich indeed her hoard
The Son of God the Father
And His eternal Word
The ship sails soft, her burden
Of price all measure past
Her mainsail, it is charity
The Holy Ghost her mast
The ship has dropped her anchor
Is safely come to land
Th' eternal Word in likeness
Of man on earth doth stand
In Bethlehem of Judah
A child to us is born
Sing praises ever unto Him
Who saves a world forlorn
Whoever would embrace Him
With joy and holy kiss
Must share with Him the Passion
Through which he comes to bliss
Be with Him in His dying
His resurrection know
Eternal life inherit
That he comes to bestow
(O Mother of God, Mary
Belauded you must be
Jesus became our brother
Your sweet child, heavenly)1
  • 1. Verse 7 is exclusive to Catholic hymnals

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Ты моя любовь

Посмотри, как восходит луна,
Снова загораются звёзды,
В который раз ты говоришь мне,
Что я самая красивая.
Вот облака заслонили луну,
Хозяйкой сейчас стала любовь,
Два сердца бьются, как одно,
Весь мир мне принадлежит.
Только ты, душа моя,
Только ты любовь моя,
Только ты, и сердце
Чувствует ласку.
Утром в твоих объятиях
Меня нежно будят зори,
Как прекрасна жизнь,
Любовь - это полёт.
Сердце колотится безумно,
Когда я думаю о тебе,
А ночью, под ясной луной,
Я таю от любви.
© Vladímir Sosnín

Дикий Запад

Страх на дороге,
Запретная зона,
Это Нью-Йорк -
Бетонные джунгли.
Ночные зверьки
С цепью на теле
Выставляют Закон
За двери.
Лишь живые тени из бумаги
И ещё играется рок-н-ролл.
Сейчас я ещё прошу тебя:
Там я не буду никогда.
Всё из-за макияжа
И разбитого стекла,
Очки носит
Панк из вредности.
Ночью воют
Стальные моторы,
А женщина лёгкого поведения
Любит за доллар(ы).
Лишь живые тени из бумаги
И ещё играется рок-н-ролл.
Это Дикий Запад,
Там я не буду никогда.

Looking tilting the head

When I look tilting the head
I confuse horizontals with standing,
the handrail becomes a ladder with iron bars
with iron bars that come from a side.
When I look tilting the head,
I see the cars climbing,
what before was the street it became
a paved wall.
When I look tilting the head
I confuse horizontals with standing,
birds swim fast like fishes in the sky
that it became a lake.
When I look tilting the head
I confuse horizontals with standing,
the smoke of the cigar shoots out
shoots out from the tip of the cigar.
We begin with turning the head 45 degrees
as if one leans over one of his shoulders,
left or right according to your preferences,
being able to use it as a pillow.
With the head reclined on the shoulder
one proceeds to open the eyes...
And you'll be looking tilting the head
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1999 Pt. I

(Oh boy!)
It's Aykut Anham 1 - Hermann-Steinhäuser-Street, Mainpark 2
Abdel Kazim - deported from Germany while still young
I salute my brother Florofff - wearing a Dutch jersey on his Nitro scooter
Bilal Larur aka the dealer, Baba Nouga
Palastin Ibo with 21 siblings
Huge family cho 3
My brother Kubilay, day and night on the move, brother since day 1
I salute Azidin - his apartment as our base and bunker for hashish sticks
Greetings to Beetz and Bergefeld
Criminal in the past, today Jaguar XJL 4
Offenbach stays hard 5
Hermann-Steinhäuser-Street, Mainpark, chab 6
Forever Nordend 7, Goetzeplatz, Büsing-Park
Brother, this place is burning 8
Lauterborn hardcore 9
Wogs near Sparkasse Richard-Wagner 10
Don't dare coming to Neusalzer 11
Your ass is fucked hard, up in Falkenheim 12
  • 1. Haftbefehl's real name
  • 2. He grew up in Mainpark, a troubled neighbourhood
  • 3. cho is Arabian for brother
  • 4. Haftbefehl greets his friends of his youth. Beetz and Bergefeld might be two policemen he might have encountered in his youth though sinde they are the only two German names here also while stressing his criminal past and his success today
  • 5. Offenbach is the city Haftbefehl is from
  • 6. Chab is Romany for boy
  • 7. Nordend is the Northern part of Offenbach
  • 8. Büsing-Park is a place known for drug-trade - and there is also a yearly event where they light 60,000 to 70,000 candles
  • 9. Lauterborn is another troubled neighbourhood in Offenbach
  • 10. Sparkasse is a German bank. Haftbefehl mentions the Sparkasse on Richard-Wagner (-Street) in Offenbach.
  • 11. Neusalzer-Street
  • 12. Youth centre