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History of a Poet

With practiced ear he hears
A swish;
In one fell swoop he covers an entire
And then he torments his listeners
Prints his poem, and into the Lethe1
  • 1. In Greek mythology, one of the rivers in the Underworld, associated with forgetfulness and oblivion.
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Love Letter

This feeling of mine seems to be a first
I don't understand it at all
I want to go back to the time I was small
I didn't know then but
it was nice, fluttering
It's not as usual
I will only be nervous
I'm still unfamiliar with 'I love you'
Trivial talks
thoughtless jokes
these idle words are bugging me a lot
When I look at you, I'm speechless
fiddling with innocent lips
I'm waiting for your phone call
Every time
I think about you
I want to listen to your voice
It seems like it'll come softly
like a passed over love letter
The timing of good luck, fate, like a miracle
the clouds on the blue sky
they all seem to have pink light, I'm in trouble
A light step
every time I meet you
it seems like a good thing will happen
Like a fragrant wind
a humming song
it makes me want to sing, little by little it drags me
When I look at you, I'm speechless
fiddling with innocent lips
I'm waiting for your phone call
Every time
I think about you
I want to listen to your voice
A nice day
sweeter than chocolate
don't hide, until now I was waiting
I Wanna Hear
Your Heart beat uh
I think of you all the time
the day that the laughter-flower will bloom, I think of you
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Bridal Show

My neighbour's laid out quite feast,
Their guest is round, if not obese,
And the hostess, moving at ease,
Goes to the basement.
The keys smash in the lock,
The grubs come crawling out on top,
And their oven's got
good ventilation.
And all I've got are endless tribulations:
My crops can't stay alive, my cattle drop and die,
My oven fumes from poor ventilation,
And its door goes off to the side.
My neighbour's got meat in their soup,
The whole village can hear them chew,
Their acne'd daughter's marrying soon,
She's ripe now.
It follows there's a bridal show,
For guests who've paid right through the nose,
Their skinny daughter even bellows
and sings her heart out.
And all my dogs, chained up, now in a rage, yes -
Round midnight, their barks became a howl,
And on my feet, my callouses got way worse
'Cos in my empty room, I stamp round.
How quick they drink, my neighbour's crew,
And why not drink, when they let you?
And why not sing, comfort is due
Nothing, right?
A nine-month pregnant lady there,
A load of unfed geese despair,
The geese don't matter, to be fair,
But nothing's right.
Just right then, the blues come running out,
I chase them all away, they reappear,
Out of an awkward place, a pimple comes out,
Time to work, can't get up or down here.
My neighbour sends some kid around,
He kindly tells me 'come to ours,'
Of course, I had to turn him down,
He starts again, though.
Surely, must have hit the bottle -
And become a bit less hostile,
And I went and drank and gobbled,
Did it help? No.
And, in the middle of the chaos,
I whisper something in the groom's ear -
The groom then dashes, soon he is way off,
The bride is left upstairs, sitting in tears.
The neighbour screams: 'please don't think,
I'd break the law, I'll never shrink:
He who doesn't eat, won't drink,'
Then hit the sauce.
Everyone jumped from their seats,
But some kid piped up with a tweak:
'He who doesn't work, won't eat -
You've got it wrong, boss!'
I sat, three greasy three roubles in my palm,
To chase out my hangover the next day,
A tatty old accordion in my arms,
They dragged me round here just to play.
Another neighbour cracked a bottle,
In a daze, began to wobble,
Wanted me to sing, got hostile:
'You come for nothing?'
From the side, I was grabbed
By two strapping, muscular lads,
'Play, you bastard, or we'll have
to leave you puffing!'
The merriment already hit its height,
They'd already secretly snagged the bride -
And I sang about that cheerful time
'When I was a post-boy on the side.'
Then they had some fish soup
And giblets in jellied gloop,
After that, they caught the groom,
And beat to him hell,
Then they came to dance all night,
Then they fought, not out of spite,
And killed everything good inside
Of themselves.
And I groaned, I'll drink in dingy sorrow,
Getting sulky, then my fists come out,
And I thought: 'who'll drink with me tomorrow
Out of those I'm drinking with right now?'
There, the morning's always calm,
Cheeks covered in breadcrumbs,
No hangover, drinking on,
Heaps of food stocked.
Fury takes no one's hearts,
The dogs toils in the yard,
The oven, with blue and hard
Tiles and an ash-box.
And I'm out in the bright daylight,
My soul still on fire, free of gloom -
Gulping well-water, back to my wife,
I fix the accordion, she reproves.
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The Device Who Knew Too Much

Any time of the day
he stood in front of the device,
as you in the past
prayed to a god of stone
Because he got help from this
to do good business
He became rich
and thanked his god
We need each other
I have questions, you have answers
Even though I can think,
you do it very fast
Soon the entire world is ours
Fortune came to him
and then it went home again
when his wife
moved down in the basement
So he went to consult
the electronic genius
why the wife
always had a headache
Soon the entire world is ours
Soon the entire world is ours
Soon the entire world is ours
And I need your brain
Power is money and money is power
You can think
very fast, you get half my kingdom
I am everything you need
You have questions, I have answers
Even though you can think,
I do it very fast
But don't pull out my plug
Soon the entire world is mine
Soon the entire world is mine
Soon the entire world is mine
Soon the entire world is mine
Soon the entire world is mine
Soon the entire world is mine
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We are Number One

Versions: #2
Are you a real villain?
- Well, uh, actually... no, not really.
Have you ever caught a good guy, so, uh, a real superhero?
- No, no.
Have you ever disguised yourself?
- Well, no.
Okay, then, like a genius, I will teach all of you how you can become true villains!
We are number one!
We are number one!
And now, pay attention!
Finally, an end to my irritation
We will make history together
And if you want to be the best villain you can be
Then make sure that a superhero can't recognize you
Chop-chop, move, move, move!
So do just as I do,
And sneak around,
And most importantly, keep your mouth shut
No, don't touch that!
Stop it!
We are number one!
Where are you guys going?!
We are number one!
What are you doing?!
We are number one!
Here, do you see this net?
It works great
Now, when I tell you to,
Cast it out.
But not at me, at him!
Okay, let's try this a different way...
Watch and learn, be quiet for a moment.
No one can remain standing on a banana peel!
Now what are you doing?!
We are number one!
We are number one!
We are number one!
We are number one!
We are number one!
We are number one!
Hey, hey!