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History of a Poet

With practiced ear he hears
A swish;
In one fell swoop he covers an entire
And then he torments his listeners
Prints his poem, and into the Lethe1
  • 1. In Greek mythology, one of the rivers in the Underworld, associated with forgetfulness and oblivion.
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Help Me

Help me help me
My butterfly
Fly back from there
Sacrifice for me
Cross over glass
Save me from this hell
Chorus 2x
I'm forcefully taken away
I'm sentenced to hell
I've become a wife
To the person I hate
Hey remember me remember
Hey remember me remember
If you save me
I will die
Destiny of mine is now
In your hands
In your hands
Now it's to be or not to be
I'm fighting for my life
I'm fighting for my life
Chorus 2x
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Не плачь, сестра
На чужбине одна
Нам суждена такая роль
Это всего лишь игра
И этот сон, который нас
Манит и зовет
В самое лучшее время,
Где живет юность
Ты единственная
Ты единственная
Ты единственная
Единственная моя
Я услышал твой призыв
В час печали
Как будто мне мелькнула (махнула)
Птица крылом с неба
Били, били крыла
В голубой далечи
Не бросай меня
Ведь ты у меня одна
Пусть острая боль
Нам ранит грудь
Ты не отчаивайся
Ты не плачь, сестра
Не плачь, сестра
На чужбине одна
Нам суждена такая роль
Это всего лишь игра
Снится сон, который нас
Манит и зовет
В самое лучшее время,
Где все иногда бывает
Ты единственная
Ты единственная
Ты единственная
Единственная моя
Пусть нас переполняет
Чудо сна
Ты не отчаивайся
Ты не плачь, сестра
Знай - печаль уйдет словно сон
Я знаю, что все будет так
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Talk to me

Talk to me and feel me
Feel the flames that are burning in me
You are my first love
And you the last light in my eyes
What's between us two
is something that was created just for us
It's a precious love, my darling
A love whose hell is the sweetest heaven
A love that is bigger than the universe
I just wish you would believe me
Our eyes are lost in isolation
And tenderness has lost its way to our hearts
If you return, their youthfulness will return
Spring will go back to being our friend
And life will be sweeter for us
the day you accept and hear me out
In short, I need your tenderness
Just like you need me
Open your door to the light
And come back to me so that my conscience can rest
The sun that has set will return
the day your heart calls upon me
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.


forgive me if today I get in your life
but I´m feeling you
so lost
without remembering that everything is over
under the curtain that closes
the end of the scene
you don´t accept that the story
is over
of all that nothing you subtracted
and the man
for who you despair
and who you´re calling
the one who always
you look in your bed
a long time ago
he forgot about you
return your life urgently
time goes by
and one day suddenly
you´ll see yourself crying
for the time that passed
I´m so grateful to you
for suffering with me
I try to see myself free
and I can´t
he was so many things to me
I think so much about him
that I forgot
that every day I lose
the senses
for not accepting
that the dream is over
just in case if
I lose my youth
in this attempt
in waters of this weeping
you forgive me
if I keep your advice without following it
you´re what I love most and need
the air that I lack and I don´t breathe
drowning in silence
if he isn´t here
if you want to relive, count on me
and if you want to cry, I´ll cry with you
friend for everything
I´m here